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About Me

Hello! My name is Doctor Jeff McCall and I am a licensed psychologist in the state of Washington with over a decade’s experience of working with a wide range of clients in multiple settings. These settings include private practice, community mental health, and a large state agency (Washington State Department of Corrections).

I have worked with both forensic (pre-trial, while incarcerated, and post-release) and non-forensic populations and have worked with teens, adults, individuals and couples. I have performed therapy as well as a variety of psychological assessments including pre-employment testing for the Washington State Department of Corrections and other first responder agencies.

In addition, I have been an adjunct professor teaching both graduate and undergraduate students at Brandman University (a part of the Chapman University system) since 2008.

My therapeutic style is largely Cognitive Behavioral which means that I believe there is a relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors and that through exploring this relationship we can work together to improve your symptoms and recover.

I also look at people as a whole being and try to take into account the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects that combine to make us who we are.

I am a general practitioner and as such have treated a variety of symptoms and illnesses ranging from depression to chronic mental illness.

I am aware that there are many clinicians in the greater community and I feel honored to be considered by you.